Ingredients :

1/2 Cup - Cooked Moong dal
3 tsp - Cashewnut pieces
1 Nos - Coconut grated
2 Tbsp - Ghee (Clarified Butter)
Brown sugar to taste
2 Tsp - Sugar
3 Nos - Cardamom
Oil for frying

Cooking Instructions :

- Coarsely grind moong dal without water.
- Melt 3 tsp of ghee and roast grated coconut till light brown.
- Add brown sugar and fry well.
- Add cashewnut pieces and cardamom.
- Take out from the flame and add half portion moong dal and stir to mix well.
- Make small balls.
- Add 2 tsp sugar to the second portion of the moong dal and mix well.
- Dip the prepared balls into the batter(moong dal).
- Heat oil and deep-fry the balls till golden brown.


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